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Land Clearing

Natural Texas uses state-of-the-art forestry mulchers for sensitive and cost-effective cedar tree removal. Our dedicated workers will carefully plan the extraction of cedar and brush to prevent damage to adjacent trees and soil.

We can efficiently reduce cedar trees by shredding on location.

Facts you should know when considering removal of cedar trees:

👉If left unchecked, cedars can choke out other tree species and natural grasses, causing an unbalanced ecosystem.
👉Cedar contains relatively large amounts of volatile oils, it is not preferred forage for deer and burns rapidly when ignited.
👉We have 40 years of experience restoring cedar brakes into prime blackcap vireo and golden cheek warbler habitat by the Endangered Species Act. It can be a beautiful mosaic on your property

Removal of Cedar Trees
Removal of Cedar Trees

Landscaping Without Digging a Hole

While we don’t do landscape architecture in the decorative sense, we work with what is on your overgrown meadows and woodland, poor riparian areas, erosion issues and all with no access or visibility.

Through selective land clearing with a forestry mower with operator and chainsaw man with my experience we remove unwanted trees and brush, leaving mulch from forestry mowing to protect the soil. This creates a mosaic of habitats that grow in forestry mowed areas accenting plants and trees who are adapted to the Texas Climate of drought & flood with native predators for pest. Fostering native biodiversity which provides a better network of relationships between people, wildlife, fauna, fungi and microbes, thereby ensuring the health of your property in a beautiful mind full way.

WE (your land and its Wildlife, You and your Family, with Natural Texas) Can Also:

👉 Create Selectively Land Clear routes for Access to Points of Interest (Creeks, large trees, Vistas, Senderos for hunting, mini-meadows, woodland, wildlife habitat & Forage.

👉 Clear Creek access with Stream Bank Management of leaving Riparian Plants
👉 Create mini-meadows in spots of brush and trees with no large trees to encourage Wildlife forage  and flowers.
👉 Create woodlands by selective removal of under story trees and brush to lessen competition for limited water and nutrients.

👉 Create mulch by forestry mowing that compost into nutrients.

👉 Create team to full fill stewardship practices to your land and world.

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Prescribed Burning vs. Mechanical Brush Removal

Natural Texas’ expertise has found forestry mulching to be particularly beneficial when followed with a prescribed burn and continued prescribed burning on a 5 to 7year cycle.

For areas that have too much undergrowth for a safe or efficient controlled burn, ourstate-of-the-art forestry mulching machines are the ideal solution for preparing areas for burn management.

Trails and Firebreaks

Natural Texas can efficiently create walking/driving trails that will double as firebreaks and corridors for deer movement. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends creating corridors between areas of forage to significantly benefit deer populations.

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Wildfire Protection and Prevention

Wildfire Threat:

👉 Create fire breaks along perimeter fence to keep prescribed fires in and wildfire out.

👉 Create network of smaller fire breaks within your property to have smaller manageable prescribed fires to mimic wildfire beneficial results.

👉 Create access for Fire Fighting crews (in a wildfire event) to quickly and efficiently set up an offense to combat an accidental blase.

Defensible Space:

Defensible Space describes the area surrounding a home which is specifically maintained in the case of an approaching fire. Such space requires proper access for emergency vehicles and maintenance of plants and trees in the vicinity of your house. Having Defensible Space can require sacrificing some of the landscape you enjoy, but it may lower your fire insurance premium and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Natural Texas can help you create Defensible Space and be Firewise by:

👉Assessing the level of fire threat to your property
👉Mediate these threats by developing a more fire safe landscape, removing or replacing plants, removing brush piles and eliminating the need for future brush pile burns
👉Create safe fire lanes and proper access for fire fighting equipment

Prescribed Burning VS Mechanical Brush Removal:

It is not a competition between them they are a team.

👉Forestry is a tool to reduce fuel load into a less intensive prescribed fire.
👉Prescribed Burning is the maintenance performed after the fuel load is reduced.
👉or a huge fire that burns

Trails and Firebreaks

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Land Restoration

Damage to the natural cycle of land can occur through farming, ranching, deforestation, mining, pollution, and neglect.

Fire suppression causes overgrowth and the spread of non-native species that damage habitats, erode soil and render the land unsafe or unusable.

Natural Texas uses a multi-phase approach to plan restoration of your land:

👉Establish the intended use for the property ie: hunting, wildlife management, or enhancement.
👉Plan the work in phases to prevent further damage to the soil or wildlife.
👉Discuss enhancements of valuable existing assets such as old growth trees, pines, and natural vistas
👉Work with grasses, trees, and brush to provide protection such as shelterbelts, windbreaks, and woodlots.
👉Discuss ways to improve/enrich the soil by planting nitrogen-fixating plants and the addition of organic matter to damaged soils.

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