Cat Spring

Cat Spring

Brush and Small Tree Management Project
The below plan incorporates defensible space for residents as well as modifying the environment for reintroduction of Houston Toad to pond.

Natural Texas implemented the mechanical brush management aspect of the plan, plus additional work on the forest side of house.

Following is a description of the type of work as coresponding to the numbers on the satellite view above:

👉Enlarged natural meadows by mowing encroaching brush & small trees.
👉Arborists cut down large hazardous leaning trees from over fence, and forestry mowed their canopy. Cut large trunks into pieces for owners to move.
👉Mechanically removed brush and small trees leaving quality hardwoods. Arborist pulled debris hanging from adjacent trees and from areas too narrow for forestry mower.
👉Left very large drought-killed hardwoods for later.
👉For Houston Toad, arborists hand cleared brush and small trees close to pond while leaving plenty of shade for them. Area adjacent to pond was cleared to facilitate their mobility.
👉Arborists pruned brush and small trees to make transition from yard/lawn to natural area.

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